Ukay-Ukay /Wagwagan Business

Recently I have tried selling ukay-ukay. Since I am an avid fan of relief goods and the opportunity to know who the importer came I grabbed the chance to try the business – first hand experience of doing it was my goal.

I daily dolly a little bit in purchasing the initial bundle but my friend immediately bought 5 kinds of goods namely Blouse, shorts, kids etc. It was advantageous for me because I was able to get feedback from her. She was very positive.

So I asked her how many blouses she got in her bundle, this is before I bought mine. The Bundle was priced at P13,500. She said she got more than 1,000 pcs. So it seemed that her investment in each blouse range from 10 to 15 pesos each. Wow not Bad – knowing that when we buy the newly opened ukay ukay blouse the price would start from 65 to 85 to 100 pesos.

Now, what happened to me. This is my experience. In my investment of P14,000 (500 was added as freight) I only got 700 pcs of blouses. This means that each blouse was priced at 20 pesos. To date I got back already my investment money of 14,000 after 2 months of selling in my auntie’s garage. I still have some 400 pcs of blouse though.

So now we can say that my profit out of this endeavor would depend on this left out pcs of goods. If I can still sell this at 35 pesos each (3 for 100) this would still sum up to 12,000. But if I opted to sell these at 10 pesos each my profit would only be 4,000. But still these are only projections. It is hard to make a statement unless we already have the cash proving that the goods are all sold out.

My Comments:

#  Profit projections in ukay ukay can not be calculated because we can not choose and we do not know the  content of the bundle in terms of its specific quantity and kind.

#  But if we know how to price the items well especially if we got a good bundle, we can hit the jackpot. If in case the bundle’s content is not so good. The advise of those who are into it is to get another bundle. I interviewed one of the owners of an ukay ukay, I asked her if there really is one bundle that is so bad we can not retrieve our investment money. Her answer was no. She can always get back her “puhunan”. She even said that it is a good business. So  I guess the strength of this business is its High Profitability.

And if you think you can still survive after reading the following disadvantages then go and try it. This might be the business you’ve been waiting for.

***  The  bulk of clothing that are no longer sold even if you price them at 1 peso because it is out of fashion, torn,  stained etc.  
         Suggested  Solution: Make pillows or crafts out of these

***   Theft and pilferage from the assistants who sometimes receive the money when you are not there. There is no proper inventory because the Price always vary.

***   The Saturation of interest of the ukay ukay if  there is no “Newly Opened” items.
         Suggested Solution: travel and sell to another town or brgy

Where to Buy Ukay- ukay supplier in the Visayas Area of the Philippines:

                   If you are interested please email me and request for the following:

Ukay Ukay Supplier/Importer Name
Location:  Cebu City Philippines
Telephone Numbers
Purchased Price for the Following Bundle:
Blouse Class A _ P 13,500
Shorts _
Kids _
Bedsheets _
Bags _
Shoes _
Jackets _
Long Pants _

63 thoughts on “Ukay-Ukay /Wagwagan Business

    1. et5030 Post author

      ya. please inquire from number 09173212072 he was my supplier from cebu. I believe 7,000 can do many things. start slow that’s right ‘coz I believe if the business is for you it will give you profit and and ease. Kun baga hiyang hiyang lang ba. Continue to look for that business that fits you. God bless you.

    1. carmina mercado

      Hi ask ko lang po baka gsto niyo po bilhin mga
      signature brands clothing po. It’s 100% sure signature
      brands. Slightly used ung iba and ukay din po siya.
      LACOSTE) yan po mga brands po. :))) mga 50+ po yang
      mga shirts na meron ako. Meron din po mga BAGS &
      Shoes. Give me your price po. :)))

      1. Gerald Garcia

        Ma’am Carmina,Interested to buy ur items,,,how can i contact u for more details..thanks….

      2. Remedios Hernando

        Hi carmina I just started my ukay business at 1000 worth and it’s doing good until now. However, I’m still looking for suppliers who can give a better deal. I’m from Cebu too. Please text me at 09177061262. Please send ur prices to my email Do you have an fb or website that I can check too? Thanks I’ll be waiting for your feedback soon

    1. et5030 Post author

      Please contact number 09173212072. Please note he was my supplier in Cebu City. He has all the details. Thanks dexter for the inquiry. regards

    1. et5030 Post author

      Hello Jeany Thanks for asking. and for everyone who inquired please try this handphone . He lives and do business in Cebu. 09173212072.

    1. et5030 Post author

      hi adellene. ang number sa wholesaler ako na gui post.please contact him. he will just add on the sea freight on top of his price. you do not have to come to his place. you can just order through phone and he will send it to you. pier to pier arrangement. regards and God bless

  1. carmina

    Hi ask ko lang po baka gsto niyo po bilhin mga
    signature brands clothing po. It’s 100% sure signature
    brands. Slightly used ung iba and ukay din po siya.
    LACOSTE) yan po mga brands po. :))) mga 50+ po yang
    mga shirts na meron ako. Meron din po mga BAGS &
    Shoes. Give me your price po. :)))

    My contact number: 09306212975
    09306212975 -carmina

  2. junya tgt

    ukay ukay used cloth available in bundelles from U.S.A…
    All kind of mens and womens items are available class A quality.
    people who like to do indiviual are well come.
    050-6578687 is the number for any inquIry.

  3. maia

    mam im from ormoc city. after the wrath of typhoon yolanda, its hard for us to buy branded & brand new items. so the other option was to buy on ukay-ukay. but sad to say ukay-ukay here in ormoc is very expensive. a simple blouse would cost 80-100php. and 3 for 100 are not wearable anymore. i am very much interested to start my small business on ukay-ukay. i am looking for suppliers from cebu city who has class a items. i would like to buy just a small bundle of childrens mixed apparel preferable ages from 3 to 13yrs. old. hope you can enlighten me. here’s my email

    1. et5030 Post author

      just try to contact the number i am giving in my previous comments. this supplier came from cebu. they will give you answers to all your questions. God bless you

  4. maia

    after reading this i find it very true. im from ormoc city ug bag-o pa lang gyud ko ngstart sako ukay2 business retail. although wala koy gibayran na pwesto ug gpasweldohan na tawo pero nakit-an gyud nako nga sa 1st bundle dili pa gyud nimo mabawi imo puhonan. Ang ako supplier is from luzon. i bought 1 bundle na pambata. kakita nako sa iya items then mga maau pud kaso lang sagulan pud ug mga gagmay which is nglisod ko ug dispose. Sa karon nangita ko ug barato nga mosupply nako ug bale from Cebu aron duol ra. Naa pud koy nakit-an supplier from Baguio City barato kaau pero layua pud. Hope naay makasuggest nako ug supplier sa ukay-ukay bales. Intresado ko sa bedsheet, bags ug branded shirts pang-dagku. Bsag 45kls. lang usa. Salamat.

  5. rain

    My family is a supplier of an ukay ukay come frm US.
    9,000.00 ang per boxes namen, mlakas kame mkabenta around manila kc gud quality naman.
    If ur interested itxt o twagan nyo lang aq 09055462130 rain ang name

  6. karen

    lagi, where manta maka buy dri sa cebu og by bundle og pwede sad selected items… any idea? u can reach me thru 09266860060/4191894.

  7. beb manlapaz

    Hi! Thanks for posting this blog. It seems to be that all the seller of ukay bundles has same prices but way more expensive compared to the one you posted with the price and quantity. Id like to know if there are sellers of ukay who has cheaper but good quality. I want to start this business asap. Thanks in advance

  8. lab

    pls advise where to buy an ukay ukay in bulk. my location is in cebu.
    gusto ko mga shirt, blouses, curtains, bedsheet & cargo shorts.
    pls pls dugay na jd ko nangita kana wla extra expenses like shipping fee
    kay kuhaon lng ta nako ang stocks. pls email me
    or text me at 09433301081. thanks

  9. Ana Liza

    Hi, I would want to know where I can buy Ukay Ukay in Bulk and Do you think you can provide the suppliers contact number? thanks in advance.

  10. Joy S. Way

    Im interested with this business,infact i was already into it slowly,but we need more supplier so we can ahve different stuff,please help me.
    contact number 09336771526, from cebu
    joy way

  11. Kevin Lee

    I am a supplier of ukay ukay shoes and bags from Korea located in cebu. Our best bundle of shoes is 4500 for 25 kilos. These are mostly rubber athletic shoes with many recognizable brands like converse, nike, adidas, fila, and vans, size 7 and under. We also have premium bags, 8500 for 50 kilos. These are shoulder bags, handy bags, tote bags, sling bags, and backpacks. Very fashionable, many real leather pieces and branded items.

    We can deliver around Cebu and ship nationwide. Discounts for bulk orders. Contact 09321231451.

  12. Pama

    Hi~ I’m here in Europe and I want to know more about supplying and ukay-ukay. I really don’t know anything about supplying an ukay-ukay. I want to know more about it. Used clothes here are really nice, prang hindi pa nagamit. Brands are: forever 21, h and m, etc. The shipping here to Philippines is rather expensive (I think). I love clothes and I want to venture in the ukay-ukay business. Can someone enlighten me. :) email me: Thanks~

  13. Robs

    Hi,im quite interested in this business. Pls send me the name and contact number of the supplier/importer in the visayas. Thank you!

  14. ruel

    I’ve been thinking what business would It be to make me stop working in a ship.. Mao jud ni nga business.. I like it and I am also an ukay2x customer.. Please give me the details.. Thanks…

  15. yeoonah

    hello im from cebu, sa mga supplier po nang ukay-ukay gusto ko po mag open ng ukay-ukay pero can i start with less 5000 capital??? or can i buy per kilo muna bago mag order ng bulk??? thanks


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